A&J Fencing at the Contra Costa Home and Garden Show

Home-Garden-300x133.jpegCome join A & J Fencing at the Contra Costa Home and Garden Show this weekend. The 17th annual “fall show” at the Sleep Train Pavilion in Concord starts on Friday from noon-6pm, and runs through the weekend, Saturday 10am-6pm and Sunday 10am-5pm.

We love home shows because they offer a great opportunity to mingle with our community and educate people about our products. We also love talking with the other contractors and vendors to see what everyone has to offer. Hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees come together each spring and fall at various California county fair grounds.


Here is a photo of our booth at the Alameda County Home and Garden Show earlier this month. Fall home and garden shows take you into the cooler months with fall gardens, home improvement project ideas, crafts and better-living exhibits. There is something for everyone and we will be there with many samples of our fences, gates, decking and ornamental iron on display.

5 Important Ways to Care for Your Redwood Fence or Deck

Redwood-Decks-300x225A&J Fencing uses redwood for our projects because it is the best and longest lasting material for a wooden deck or fence. Our redwood is cut thicker than the average fencing wood and we bring it in directly from the mill. Using warm, durable redwood, we build beautiful custom fences as well as decks of any shape and size. But even the best wood fence or deck is susceptible to rot and decay simply because it’s exposed to environmental elements. Here are 5 key ways that you can protect your redwood structure year round.

  1. Remove debris and repair. Though a little weathering is often a characteristic that many homeowners find desirable in a redwood fence or deck, before you know it years can go by and your structure has been exposed to environmental elements such a droppings from trees and birds, wind, dirt and rain. First, clean your fence or deck by removing any debris that may have become trapped between the boards. This is best done by using a metal putty knife; don’t use anything sharp like a knife that could knick your boards. Then use a brush or leaf blower to clear any leftover debris.
  2. Check for any structural damage and repair loose boards. Inspect for loose nails and hammer them back into place and reinforce loose boards with galvanized coated screws. Coated screws won’t rust in wet weather and provide a more durable bond than nails.
  3. Scrub your fence clean. This step will remove dirt, grease, stains and mildew. Use a stiff fiber brush and wood cleaner to scrub your wood fence or deck. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning products. Some common cleaning solutions include a mixture of TSP and water, Simple Green and even household laundry detergent will work. Scrub in the direction of the grain, working with small areas and rinsing clean with water. After scrubbing allow your structure to dry for several days.
  4. Apply a protective seal. Use a high quality deck stain product, we use Preserva Wood Redwood tinted stain, to enhance the natural color of the redwood. Slightly tinted transparent stains will last longer and protect the deck or fence longer. A high quality product like Preserva Wood with high UV protection and water repellent will give the best results. Use a brush or a roller to apply the stain to your redwood structure. Apply the finish on a cool day without wind, don’t treat your deck in the hot sun. The temperature should be between 50 and 70 degrees. Recommendations vary on how often to stain your deck but we recommend every 3-5 years.
  5. Keep structure clear of vines and away from sprinklers. You may think that the ivy looks nice crawling up your fence, but the less weight on a fence the better. Vines will keep the wood moist and contribute to it rotting faster. Also keep sprinklers away from your fence or deck as direct contact with water will cause boards to rot and decay much more quickly.


If you don’t want to do it yourself, we’ll do it for you. A&J fencing has a team of specialists on hand to seal and protect your Redwood structure. Just contact us for more information.

Environmentally Friendly TimberTech

A & J Fencing serves Walnut Creek and the San Francisco Bay Area’s custom fencing needs with everything from redwood fencing to patio covers and decking. Always on the lookout for the best products to provide to our customers, we are proud to say we use TimberTech decking for its high quality and long lasting durability.

timber-techTimberTech is a composite decking material made by a unique process that turns recycled hardwood and pure polymer resins into strong, moisture-resistant decking. The company has developed a system that allows them to regrind scrap product, materials that would otherwise head straight for the landfill, into their manufacturing process. The result is a composite decking material which is natural looking, consistent and is a higher quality than composites that use post domestic recycled materials that are difficult to mix and remove all contamination from. TimberTech is fully recyclable and, because it will not splinter, warp or fade the way wood does, it reduces the wasteful cycle of repair and replacement of wood decks

Timber-tech-deckAnother benefit of TimberTech is that it requires little maintenance. There is no need to seal or stain the decking which eliminates frequent application of environmentally harmful products like paint or sealant. Without any maintenance costs, this product will save you money over time. A TimberTech deck is usually a one time purchase for a home owner and comes with a 25-year warranty that can even be passed on to a second home owner.

TimberTech looks like real wood but resists fading, weathering, rotting and warping and stays looking good as new year after year. We also love it because it’s easy to install yet can have diverse design options and a natural style perfect for many types of outdoor living spaces. With an array of decking and railing options, color varieties and different surfaces to choose from, you aren’t going to find two decks that look the same. TimberTech is highly customizable and can be designed to meet your ultimate outdoor living area needs.

We are proud to give our customers the option to use such a sustainable product.