DIY Decorating for your Fence or Deck with Evergreens and Lights

Pick beautiful live evergreen boughs or trees for these DIY crafts pulled from some of our favorite blogs to help you decorate your A&J fence or deck. You can also use artificial garlands to create your own decorations like in this creative tomato cage Christmas tree, perfect to brighten up a corner of your deck.

Tomato-cage-Christmas-tree-199x300Tomato Cage Christmas Tree – Upend one of your unused tomato cages into a planter and cover it in evergreen garland, Christmas lights and ornaments for a charming corner piece on your deck or patio. Simply wrap the garland around the wire cage attaching with plastic zip ties until the entire cage is covered. Repeat with lights and ornaments. See the step-by-step tutorial here at

Evergreen Garland with Light Coils – This frosty light and evergreen fence decoration is elegant and incredibly easy. You can find real evergreen garlands at many Christmas tree lots. Drape the fence with the garland then use single short strands of large white frosted lights to form into coils. Simply loop the coils of white lights over the rails of your garland draped fence. Loop the coils so the lights are arranged facing outward and secure them to the fence and garland with plastic cable ties for a beautiful nostalgic winter holiday feel.

Tree-with-candle-bucketsEvergreen Tree Ringed with Candle Buckets – For another spectacular focal point for your deck or patio this simple design is reminiscent of a circle of carolers. A simple small evergreen tree is ringed by candle-filled buckets. Buy tin buckets of various sizes and spray paint them white if you can’t find them in white. Fill them with sand or pebbles and insert cylinder-shaped glass globes to protect the candles from the elements. Use a variety of sizes of globes, buckets and candles to give the grouping a natural quality.

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