Redwood is the best choice for fences because of its natural resistance to rot and decay. This inherent resistance makes redwood fencing the perfect choice for those who want a naturally beautiful and long-lasting fence. We mill all of our redwood in-house to insure that you are getting the highest quality material at the best possible price and all of our redwood is thick cut.

As experts in redwood fencing, we bring years of expertise to your fencing project. We can help you design a redwood fence that meets your practical needs while also beautiful and easy to maintain.

Call A & J Fencing for an in-home consultation. We can discuss which style of redwood fencing will best fit your needs and the aesthetics of your home.


Good fences make good neighbors! This neighbor friendly fence is the best way to make both sides happy! The picture frame board on board fence is considered the work horse of the industry and it’s perfect for people who need privacy and beauty on both sides of the fence. This style is visually pleasing and extremely durable! The picture frame board on board fence is constructed using 2x4x16 thick cut top rails and heavy duty Douglas fir pressure treated 2×8 kick plates which makes for an incredibly strong fence! The thick cut overlapping boards look great on both sides and this style is available in 3 grades of redwood.


Another staple in the fencing industry, the Louvered Fence is a neighbor friendly fence. We are big fans of this fence and its nickname is (fittingly) “fan style fence”. Strong and secure, this redwood fencing will provide privacy for years to come.


A&J Fencing custom builds it’s own thick cut jumbo lattice. Using the thickest heavy duty lattice in the industry you will never need to worry about it breaking down. Flimsy home store lattice is not the way to go, use the best. A&J Fencing!


The security you desire and the privacy you require. Privacy lattice or “triple lattice” takes our standard handmade thick cut jumbo lattice and adds another dimensions. Privacy lattice has 3 layers to keep prying eyes out of your house or yard. Great for 6’ high redwood fencing to give your fence a custom look without compromising privacy or quality.


Piano Key fences originate from the picture frame family. This very custom style will separate your fences from your neighbors. The Piano key look is constructed using 2”x2” redwood toppers while incorporating small spaces in between each piece keeping the fence all horizontal and vertical.


Considered the “Mercedes Benz” of fences, the arch piano key is at the top of the custom fence family. Adding awesome curb appeal to your home yet still providing safety and security this custom built hand crafted redwood fencing will be the talk of the town!


Picture framed square lattice fence is a very modern and custom look. Thick cut handmade square lattice topping your redwood fence will give it style and privacy. Many folks choose this style over the standard to give the fence a one of a kind look.


The shadow box has a creative look with a cute style. This custom redwood fencing has multi purposes, it’s great for windy areas because of its open board look but allows for security by keeping the animals in but the bad guys out!


Who let the dogs out? Not on this fence! Dog ear style redwood fencing have been a staple in the industry from the beginning. This onomical and durable fence has a great look and comes in several styles and grades of redwood.


A horizontal privacy fence is a modern fence design that incorporates different grades of redwood, with the planks laying horizontally, instead of vertically.

A perimeter built with horizontal fence panels adds a beautiful range of outdoor aesthetic and personality to backyards, front yards, or any commercial property. Not only does a horizontal fence have solid structural integrity, it also offers curb appeal to any property it surrounds and is known to make any outdoor space visually grow in size.

Horizontal fence design has become one of the hottest design trends in exterior architecture today and are limited only by your imagination!


One of the most economical wood fences available, the nail on flat top is easy on the budget. Simplicity and strength define this fence whether one sided or alternating panels this redwood fencing is strong and long lasting with a flat top look.


Do you want something that sets your house apart? Consider our custom fencing service! Our skilled representative will meet with you personally to work with you through the entire process. From design to completion, you can be sure that you’ll get the best price, and the look that you’ve always wanted.


Here at A & J Fencing we build all fences by hand. Our line of picket redwood fencing can be built just the way you like them by customizing the spear top, heights, spare and overall look. Whether you want to keep the kids in or out, the picket fence is a great way to customize your front or back yard!


Home, home on the range and the ranch! Ranch rail fences are a great way to close off your large yard or ranch. It’s simple yet clean look can be built in many styles and heights. This Fence style is easy on the budget when you have lots of “Range” to cover.


Hog wire is a heavy duty gauged fence that won’t collapse or flex. It’s capable of retaining and carrying a lot of weight with out changing the look or shape of each panel. Due to its versatile design, this style of wire is ideal for livestock, gardens, trellises and much more.


Love the view, but tired of feeding the deer? A & J Fencing can keep the view you love while keeping deer out of your yard with our virtually invisible deer fence. Using the highest quality materials, an A & J deer fence will protect your landscaping for years to come.

Our fully-framed deer fence uses 4 x 4 inch pressure-treated posts with or with out a kick plate. Welded wire 2 x 4 inch galvanized fabric mesh is then pulled tightly and nailed with 1 ¼ inch u-clips. This nearly invisible fence is a perfect solution to protecting your garden and preserving your view.

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