Protect Your Yard from Deer with a Deer Fence

Deer-Fencing-1-300x225At A & J Fencing, the Bay Area’s premier custom fencing company, we work on creating solutions that best fit your needs and compliment your backyard.

Watching a deer graze outside your kitchen window can be a beautiful sight, that is, unless they are munching through your vegetable garden. At A & J Fencing we want you to be able to enjoy your beautiful yard and maybe still catch a glimpse of a roaming deer or two if you desire. We specialize in attractive deer fencing that will keep the deer out of your garden safely, without blocking your view.

Full-grown deer eat an average of seven pounds of food per day. They prefer a variety and move around nibbling on over 500 different kinds of plants. They do, however, have favorite foods and will search for them even when other foods are abundant. They particularly like the tender new growth found on trees and grasses and in lush gardens. If they find something they like in your yard, you can be sure they’ll be back again and again. Damage to ornamental plants is often the most severe during spring and summer so now is the time to think about putting in a high quality deer fence from A & J Fencing.

There are four different kinds of deer species found in Northern California and six throughout all of California. All six species look similar and have only slight variation in markings and size making it virtually impossible for most people to tell them apart. Deer are “edge” species, which means that they prefer to feed in open areas near cover. Open areas created by humans such as parks and urban yards and gardens provide great places for deer to feed in.

Deer-Fencing-2-300x225Using the highest quality materials, an A & J deer fence will protect your landscaping for years to come. Our fully framed deer fence uses 4 x 4 inch pressure-treated posts with or without a kick plate and are beautiful to look at. Welded wire 2 x 4 inch galvanized fabric mesh is then pulled tightly and nailed to the posts for strength and durability. This nearly invisible fence is a perfect solution to protecting your garden and preserving your view.

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